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The Brillstein due diligence experts asses the key business goals and interests, reputation of both the company and the main partners, clients and suppliers. Laws and Regulation have made it necessary to "know your customer. Due Diligence has become a priority issue for any company. We will assess and investigate all pertinent matters as regards clients, partners, investments in either direction, where capital comes from, possible agendas of partners and clients and their respective associates, project funding, possible financial problems or liabilities, law suits or possible criminal or otherwise illegal activities.

Vetting key employees or candidates for key positions in your company, probing into their lifestyle and past, are also very important issues which our experts will handle on behalf of your company. It is extremely important to know about their true capabilities, prior performances or any liability they could possibly become to the company. Brillstein Security can investigate any candidate on an international basis. Background checks will provide you with the necessary information.

Other important issues relating to due diligence are security audits, whistle blowing, pre-entry security, supplier vetting. Please contact us any time with any queries you might have regarding to due diligence and related issues.


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