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Loss by own staff - "whistle blowing"

Erring is only human... as is the almost instinctive reaction to try and cover up mistakes and criminal activities such as fraud... according to recent research and survey, the majority of companies lose up to 5% of their turnover as a result of major internal malpractice, crime, and negligence. Only about 50% of all companies have prevention and detection systems in place to detect such malpractice and crime, including a whistle blowing concept.

It is widely known that an external system for whistle blowing is much more effective than any attempt of using internal contacts within a company for employees to report to. Brillstein Security offers the client a full system of handling whistle blowing reports. Employees should have an anonymous way available to report their concerns and observations as regards malpractice of co-workers, mistakes, security issues, and possible criminal activities.  Employees should feel free to report events such as

  • a criminal offence
  • waste of resources or money
  • infringements of regulatory obligations
  • misuse of unauthorized disclose of information
  • threats to safety, security and health
  • damage to the environment
  • concealment of information relating to any of the above

Corporate responsibility comes into play, as does corporate security. Finally, malpractice and crime causes substantial losses to every company. These losses are not inevitable. Creating a functioning whistle-blowing system will help you avoid losses, create a better environment for employees to work in and give your company an edge over company ignoring the options of whistle blowing.


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