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Background check, pre-employment vetting of staff, executives, employees

The Brillstein Security employee vetting experts have over twenty years of in-depth experience of providing investigational service in the area of background vetting of person all over the world. Our global network (BSG) with over 500 expert partner and daughter companies in more than 50 countries around the globe enables us to run background checks on employees, candidates, executive in any country.

An expert check on applicants will help to minimise the risk of employing a person whose integrity is in doubt and since the candidate’s consent is asked before the vetting process, unsuitable applicants will be deterred. Employee vetting can assist with detecting concealed adverse history in a candidate’s background, exposes false claims by job applicants and identifies individuals who are more susceptible to dishonest or corrupt behaviour, as well as
  • checking on skills, qualifications and prior employers
  • credit and residency checks
  • criminal records, law suits
  • any other relevant information
  • background checks can be run at different levels, e.g. investigation will be more intensive for executive positions etc.

Our clients have easy access to the relevant Brillstein data base (which includes the clients' candidates and/or employees that need to be checked upon) and use a secure on-line system to submit applications of their candidates. The client can thus monitor the investigation in real-time. A Brillstein account manager will be in touch with the client and can be contacted by the client. Our experts will meet the quality standards of the client.

Investigation, including background vetting, is a key service of Brillstein Security. Our elite investigators will conduct the investigation according to most recent and highest standards. In order to protect the company's interests, it is of paramount importance to the management to REALLY know their employees.


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