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Pre Entry Security - doing business abroad and in high risk environments

The Brillstein mergers and acquisitions investigators are highly experienced both in assisting investors to define their corporate strategy and in supporting target companies to defend their corporate interests. Corporate bidding, investment or hostile takeover attempts are among the most dramatic crises a company can face. Companies involved in merger and acquisition activities require accurate information on all relevant aspects:

  • identifying offensive or defensive issues and strategies
  • in-depth investigations into opponents’ performance and potentially hidden liabilities or agendas
  • the rapid  collation of accurate  intelligence
  • the effective communication with shareholders

A full pre-entry risk assessment is extremely important to companies contemplating major projects in new countries. When entering a new market, there are likely to be long-term political, security and operational risks that need to be carefully managed if the investment is to succeed. Our political risk analysis experts use our own in-depth analysis to identify all of the non-commercial risks that the new venture might face. We then put these risks in the proper context. Pre-entry risk assessment helps our clients to:

  • assess whether a particular market is suitable for their business
  • decide which measures are necessary against the political and security risks present
  • decide whether the security measures in place are sufficient

Loss prevention and risk mitigation always is the primary goal for any risk manager.  Pre-entry risk analysis typically considers issues such as:

  • the investment timing - taking into account all political issues and factors
  • the investment location - taking into account investment security issues
  • political and economic stability
  • government policy and possible changes in the near future
  • national and local security
  • corruption issues
  • who may support or oppose the investment
  • experiences made by other foreign investors


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