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Security Audit, Security Test, Penetration Test, Risk Assessment

Security Audits and Penetration Tests must be integral parts of any security plan and risk assessment. The international general security situation, as well as an individual’s or company’s security situation is a dynamic, ever-changing process. Nothing should be taken for granted. Security managers must strive for loss prevention and asset protection. That's the main concern of any modern security manager. Once you do have a functioning security plan in place, including all elements such as crisis response and crisis management, the security system must be TESTED on a regular basis.

It won't help to have the in-house security run the test. The point of a test must be to TEST the in-house security. It is very unwise to let the in-house staff test themselves, for apparent reasons. In order to relentlessly uncover each and any weakness, the security plan must be tested by elite security experts, who really put the system to the test. Parallel to that process, the security plan should be revised in all stages of the planning, regular audits should take place, and should your security staff be outsourced, the security company and its performance should be vetted.

In order to be effective, security measures need to be constantly reviewed and updated. Our elite security experts will conduct a comprehensive security audit, identify all areas for concern and draw up a list of recommendations to prevent the likelihood of a breach of security. Our audits include issues such as

  • examination of access control – identification of staff, recording of visitors, restrictions for employees out of working hours, deliveries and others
  • vetting of security staff and outsourced staff
  • study of alarm systems and surveillance operations
  • discussions with the security guard force to assess recruitment procedures
  • protection of commercial information and security of raw materials and finished goods
  • disposal of rubbish
  • confidential information security and data security
  • crime awareness and personal security issues
  • creating an overall secure work environment, environmental issues and others


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