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Money Laundering


In the past 10 years, international legislation has been changed in order to crack down on money-laundering, tax evasion and financing criminal and terrorist networks, especially in the US, the EU and Switzerland. Every legit business and company must be more than 100% certain that investors, partners and clients are not funnelling illegal funds in and through the company. The new "know your customer" legislation makes it unavoidable for the management of each corporation to check upon investments and large purchase of goods. Ignorance, negligence or overstepping the line can very easily have catastrophic legal results including criminal charges, and bring down a company. Offences against that legislation are being punished severely. Brillstein Security offers your company a complete anti-money laundering compliance concept. Ignoring the legal requirement will eventually result in

  • criminal prosecution
  • loss of ability to conduct business, or restrictions on activities
  • civil litigation
  • reputational damage

Thus, it is in your own vital interest to take the necessary steps including

  • an in-depth assessment of your current internal money laundering concept and finding weaknesses and take steps against them
  • assessment your customer identification procedures, record-keeping methods, and the ways in which you identify suspicious transactions
  • developing a customized anti-money-laundering manual
  • staff training and testing
  • on-going assistance by experts and a monitoring service

You simply cannot afford to do business with the wrong crowd or worse maybe not even KNOWING who you're doing the business with. Investors, partners and clients may not be who they are or acting as a front for someone else whose agenda you may not know. Due Diligence, financial investigation, corporate responsibility and legal assistance are services in relation to this whole issue.

You MUST make sure that you cannot be linked to criminal or terrorist organizations and their finances or the FBI or other agencies might come knocking on your door. It has happened many times before that criminal or terrorist groups have used and abused other companies for their purposes, including a take-over of companies without executives even being aware of this.  In order to comply with legal requirements and for the protection of your company, the management and employees, it is mandatory to put an anti-money-laundering concept and monitoring system into action. Brillstein Security will counsel you all along the way.


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