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Corporate ethics, moral, and responsibility - due diligence

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Any significant corporation, operating on an international basis, carries a huge amount of responsibility as regards society, ethics, morals, humane treatment of staff, environmental issues and other. Pressure on management is intense. The costs for erring in handling the aforementioned matters can be extremely high. Negative press coverage, pressure group such as unions, law suits etc. can bring a management down.

It is quite clear that the paramount goal of any modern management is profit, and rightly so; any manager ignoring this goal (let’s not forget e.g. stockholders’ interests etc.) will lose his or her job very quickly. It is very important to understand AND apply AND supervise the effects of the relation between striving for maximized profits and the social, cultural, ethical and moral issues, or when they are being ignored... because the latter may very easily result in losses, damage to the brand or the company, loss of key staff etc. To disregard ethics in business will result in losses and is thus counterproductive to the goal of maximising profits and other long-term goals of a company.  Thus, it simply CAN NOT happen.

We will

·         counsel the client as regards these issues, such as social and cultural issues

·         find out how your main competitors behave in this respect

·         address issues such as corruption, human rights etc.

·         assess the status quo in your company and identify possibly critical issues

·         are at your disposal at all times, 364/24/7 to assist you in crisis management





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