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Crime Prevention, Risk Assessment, Loss Prevention, Asset Protection

Crime Prevention is the KEY issue every competent security manager or risk manager will have to deal with. Loss Prevention and Asset Protection is the main goal. There are a number of different threats each corporation is facing, crime is one of the most important among these but the good news is: crime CAN be avoided and at least the effects of crime can be diminished considerably. Instead of just waiting for crime to take place, a pro-active stance against it is of paramount importance. Thus: crime prevention.

Crime comes in many shapes and faces, from simple theft by clients or employees, to fraud and embezzlement, robbery, murder, kidnap, terrorism, blackmail and extortion, sabotage, espionage and many more. A corporation MUST know who their employees, clients, partners, suppliers really are and what they really do; who the cleaning and security staff really are; if the security system in place really works. This is a matter of due diligence, corporate security, corporate intelligence, fraud prevention, protective services, preventing procurement fraud, personal security, data security, travel security, among others.

Brillstein Security will help your company reduce losses drastically by running an expert and in-depth risk assessment, test your current security system in place, create a security plan which will include a crime prevention concept which must involve your management and your employees. All current and possible threats will be identified and in close corporation with the management, we'll put this concept into action.

Excellent security has its price and unfortunately many companies try to avoid costs by dispensing with high-end security measures altogether, by not employing a security manager or by restricting security to a few simple guards at the gate and a patrols round at night or two. This MAY suffice but it is more likely that it will NOT. However, good security is much less expensive that most executives think - the Brillstein services are extremely cost-effective. Threats come from many different directions, including cheating partners, customers who won't pay their bills, thieving employees, fraudulous suppliers, and how do you know that your current security staff is working on a sufficiently high level, probably they have never seriously been put to the test, and it does NOT make sense at all to have your own security staff run security audits or penetration tests, for apparent reasons. 

The upside is: once you do have a complete security concept in place, you will SAVE MONEY from reduced losses. This is a mid- or long-term strategy, and crime prevention is one of the key factors. If your employees are crime-aware and know how to avoid and prevent crime and how to handle situations properly, MOST of the possible crimes will never take place and the losses caused by the remaining ones will be drastically reduced. BRILLSTEIN SECURITY will assist your achieve this level of internal security through our specialist anti-crime experts and instructors. Please do contact us any time to discuss your security concerns.


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