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Brillstein Security GROUP

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: our company BRillstein and Cobra Services LC –

hereby declares that

„EUBSA BSG Koruma Güvenlik„ who is also posing as "EUBSA TURKEY"

is not affiliated with the Brillstein Security Group and/or EUBSA, nor is that company in any way licensed or trained by us, nor connected to us in any way. This company is illegally using our name and our logo, and is thus deceiving and frauding their own clients by pretending to be affiliated with us.

We have been contacted by a number of victims of „EUBSA BSG Koruma Güvenlik„, who have told us they feel deceived and frauded by that company. This is why we issue this warning.

Should you require or wish more information, please contact us any time. Please write to us in English or German.