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International air and travel security is a main focus of Brillstein Security. We've developed an air security concept based on the famous El-Al Security, put into action about 40 years ago and still being the most effective strategy for air security, including aircraft, airports, cargo and passengers. Our operational and tactical staff consist of international security experts, former members elite counter-terror units. We also train security experts in the area of air security, travel and transportation security, maritime security, tourist security. The unexcelled Brillstein study and training course PASO is the most extensive course of this kind worldwide.

Unfortunately, many security companies approach air security only with basic static airport guards (security checks) and maybe air marshals. These measures alone are insufficient. The usual, regular security checks are enough to check passengers, and a handful of countries have realized that and use the El-Al security concept to some degree now, including the United States. Even the use of air marshals is not sufficient. Armed guards in itself will not prevent terror attacks. Most countries (unlike the US and Israel) do not use truly specialized air marshals, but simply use counter-terror operators from the police force as air marshals. This is NOT enough if one were to strive for professional air security. Many airlines know that and suspend with air marshals altogether, which again is a mistake, too.

The Brillstein air security concept can be used as a complete security strategy. It will become an asset for an airline, as clients will feel safer and will be less hassled by security checks. The Brillstein air security concept targets at private and small to medium airlines with a high percentage of business passengers who feel more at risk in general and who want to waste less time on security procedures. This clientele will appreciate enhanced security combined with professional, high-end security operators who know how to deal with VIP, executives and dignitaries.

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