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The Brillstein experts in international maritime expertise assist companies with all aspects of maritime security.
The Brillstein maritime security experts have a deep knowledge of the requirements and implications of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) legislation which is a highly dynamic process which one needs to stay ahead of.

We can assist passenger and cargo ship operators and private yacht owners, mobile offshore drilling units and international port facility operators to prepare for compliance with the mandatory provisions of the new International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) and the enhanced provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), as well as develop thorough security and crisis management or emergency extraction services. Our range of services includes:

Our maritime security experts comprise of consultants from various professional backgrounds, including international special forces; Military (including anti-terrorist units); former and active government officials; the diplomatic service; and international law enforcement. These experts are being supported by our own team of political and security risk experts, and a global network of local specialists.

Brillstein Security is expertly capable of taking care of the complete recruitment process, personnel vetting and background checks, from basic security staff to top management candidates. The Brillstein Group consists of currently 500 daughter and partner companies throughout more than 50 countries. With this large network of security specialists we can supply multi-lingual advisors and investigators, operational and tactical staff on a top level. Our top-notch security coordinators are able to assist your anywhere, at any place, from low risk to high risk environments, help you manage all your security concerns and handle liaison with official authorities, media etc. and act within shortest delays in case of any crisis or emergency.


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