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Each year, many thousands of people disappear, some without any trace at all. While in cases where children are involved the police usually takes over (at least for some time), it is different when adults go missing. Unless it is obvious enough that a crime is being involved, the police more often than not will not do more than maybe take a report. Families, lawyers handling heritage cases, creditors looking for debtors etc. have a hard time locating lost persons, especially if these persons are actively HIDING someplace. In debtor management, it has become more and more common that debtors hide away from their creditors AND try to hide the money from the reach of the creditor or the wife who claims alimony etc.

With the global contacts of the Brillstein Security Group and our very experienced investigators, we assist in any such case of a lost, missing or wanted person in order to locate the person. Private individuals and most companies do not have the resources to search for someone, especially on an international basis, and they usually also do not have enough experience to do so. Time is of the essence; the longer a person has time to hide, the more difficult it will be to locate him or her. Most small private detective firms are not able to handle international cases properly, and they will need to use sub-contractors, which costs more money and takes more time.

If you are looking for expert service in this regard, please contact us any time.




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