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The Brillstein Security construction fraud team has ample experience in detecting and preventing fraud and corruption in both large and small construction projects. Fraud in construction is extremely damaging to companies or private individuals and their families. When construction companies or their sub-contractors cheat, it can lead to dramatic tragedies for their clients. Families or companies go bankrupt over fraud, people have no proper place to live in for months or years, children suffer, and the result is catastrophic in many instances.

We offer our clients, corporate or private, a fraud prevention concept, experienced fraud investigators and certified building inspectors who will detect fraud in the very early stages, stop fraud, help get money back from fraudulous contractors and assist in matters such as

  • financial loss - a result of incorrect construction project budgets, disappearance of plant materials and over-invoicing and deliberately poor workmanship

  • health and safety risks - poor workmanship and resulting losses

  • reputation damage - exposure by corrupt employees, and subcontractors with knowledge of corrupt bidding

  • damage to morale from having corrupt employees

In the various stages of a construction project, deliberate poor workmanship, theft of material and corruption are likely to be the most prevalent kinds of crime. At the project realisation stage, asset misappropriation takes over, and false statements in documents and records can be used to hide fraud. We will review the construction project from Day 1, the best stage however is to start BEFORE a contractor has been given money since many problems can be avoided by properly vetting the contractor ahead of time. For most clients this is difficult but our investigators have all means to check the background of any contractor anywhere in the world. We will check the construction plans; we will identify suspect or dubious employees, sub-contractors and the like. We will reveal poor workmanship early on in each phase of construction.

When any crime has been detected, the next stages can take place such as

  • criminal, civil or disciplinary steps against criminal  contractors and employees

  • recovery of assets in case of any crime

  • termination of contracts with corrupt or criminal contractors

  • construction process control improvements

In many instances of fraud of this kind, the victims feel helpless - but YOU can change that situation. The most sensible step is to apply our fraud prevention concept and put a stop to any attempts of fraud right from the beginning. This is an inexpensive way of preventing financial disaster. If the crime has already happened, it is of paramount importance to act as soon as possible, before criminal contractors or employees have disappeared the funds and your money is lost. Please contact us any time to discuss this matter in detail.




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