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Child abduction by a parent, disregarding court orders or kidnapping the child a hide it from the other parent, has become a common crime, many thousand time each year, worldwide. In many such cases, the criminal parent takes the child back to his home country, across borders, into a different culture and outside the reach of the courts of the country where the child has been raised. Globalization has made mixed marriages very common, and cultural clashes tend to make marriages more difficult that the couple has anticipated. In such instances, a parent often decides to take the child away from the other parent and thus put pressure or emotionally hurt the other parent. The children are caught in the trap in-between the parents and suffer severe psychological damage or even physically.

The main problem is that with the abducted child out of sight and out of reach for the authorities and with the differing legislation from Western countries to other countries, it can be very difficult to locate the child and return him or her safely to the parent with legal custody. Child abduction by a parent is just as much a crime, as is kidnap. But it's harder to solve.

However there ARE means of handling these situations in order to bring back an abducted child to the lawful custodian. Negotiation is a key element. It has usually become impossible for the two parents to discuss matters in a peaceful, sensible way. That's why it is very important for a neutral outside negotiator to take over and convince the criminal parent that the situation must be resolved. Usually fear of criminal prosecution, financial matter, hate or fury against the other parent etc. come into play and the two parents involved are more likely than not incapable to solve the conflict between themselves.

The Brillstein expert advisors have a long-standing experience in negotiations of this kind. If you need any assistance at all, please do contact us any time.





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