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Bomb Threats - prevention, reaction plan

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The Brillstein expert staff advise on a company's or individual's response to bomb threats of any kind. In most countries, bomb threats are being handled by the police or military specialists, most there are a number of possible constellations where a company or individual may want additional assistance, or the police cannot or will not individually assist and protect the client or where (e.g. due to corruption etc.) where clients feel that authorities cannot be trusted. One of the main factors and elements of a sound strategy is prevention against bomb attacks. This is a long-term commitment since attackers change their means all the time, and no single strategy can be employed for any long stretch of time. It's a dynamic process and authorities very rarely spend their resources on long-term prevention for a single person or company. This is a specialist job, and many if not most local authorities also don't even HAVE the necessary resources at hand.

Bomb threats and the threat of terrorist attacks involving the use of explosive or incendiary devices has become a part of modern business life, it's become the weapon of choice of both organized crime and terrorists. Management has the responsibility to ensure that all employees are being adequately protected against the effects of such devices and that there are procedures for an effective response to the receipt of a bomb threat. A competent prevention strategy should be integral part of any security plan.

Brillstein Security provides for

         proper planning of the company's response to the receipt of a bomb threat or discovery of a suspicious object

         testing and updating existing bomb threat response plans to take account of changing terrorist methods and devices and carrying out a simulated incident - our elite teams will penetrate-test the existing security structure and find EVERY weakness still present

         searching for bombs - searching buildings, vehicles, aircraft and ships, yachts

         mail staff - providing guidance to personnel handling company mail as regards identifying letter/parcel bombs

         bomb prevention and protection - advice on preventative measures and physical protection

         explosive ordnance disposal - assessment of the effectiveness of a current bomb disposal plan

         independent expert interpretation of forensic evidence following a bomb explosion and the provision of an expert court witness

         provision of impartial technical advice on search and screening equipment

         blast protection on structures - a survey to estimate the cost for rebuilding and damage repair

         training staff - assessing  bomb threats and how to respond appropriately


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