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Product / Brand Extortion, Blackmail

In Europe or the US, cases of extortion are usually being handled by the local or Federal police, such as the FBI. But outside Europe and the US, companies may feel the need of additional expert assistance and protection, and even within the US or Europe clients may wish additional outside assistance, for a number of possible reasons, or want to resolve the situation without the police involved and without interference by the media. The Brillstein investigation and protection wings can be deployed anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours and will help the client to stay on top of extortion incidents. Our experience of more than 25 years has allowed us to develop a team of elite investigators and advisors that is at full disposal for the client and will

  • assist in developing an effective company policy - consumer's security and safety, protection of client's brands and reputation, and legal requirements, incident response, business continuity are issues that need to be addressed
  • assist the management to deal with various parties - the client has to deal with local and federal authorities, the media, health authorities, families, concerned consumers  and many more
  • advise effectively on negotiation strategies - a clear-cut negotiation strategy must be applied at all times. Our experience negotiators are highly experienced in extortion and hostage negotiations

Our operators and consultants can deal with any scenario possible. We will counsel the clients on the options available in every stage of the crisis. In certain stages, mere negotiation may not suffice and other pro-active means may become necessary which may include crime scene handling, collecting evidence such as fingerprints and DNA, analysis of perpetrator's handwriting, voice, behaviour, forensic analysis, psychological analysis, use of pressure groups and other. Handling the media and requests from concerned customers can also be organized by Brillstein.

We offer the client the full range of services necessary, including a 364/24/ support help line. Product extortion is a common crime which must be addressed properly.


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