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It is quite easy to understand that in most businesses most fraud attempts and crimes have to do with procurement. Companies are particularly vulnerable where they make or accept payments. The money flow thus is always a very important issue to any security manager who will have to address issues such as

  • points-of-sale (POS) where cash money is being handled
  • the security of automatic payment systems
  • out-sourcing risk
  • bribery
  • corruption

The opportunities for procurement abuse regarding goods and services procurement alike are numerous. Due to the complexity of procurement operations, fraud is often hard to detect. Other issues such as theft, both from staff and customers, and organized fraud rings including staff and suppliers may arise. The high costs involved in procurement fraud make a functioned fraud prevention system and fraud investigation of paramount importance to each company. The losses through fraud increase the prices, create a market disadvantage for the company and a problem to society in general. The whole existence of a company may be in danger.

The Brillstein intelligence experts and legal advisors are at your disposal to put a stop to fraud and help create a secure environment. Undercover operations are additional or optional means to investigate your current situation and help control the problem of procurement fraud.


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