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Fraud Prevention Strategies

Fraud prevention and detection can be achieved by a regular fraud awareness training of individuals, executives and employees. Fraud prevention will help prevent LOSSES and thus help protect your assets and help maximize your profits. It is of course much wiser to AVOID loss than to have to investigate fraud after the crime has struck. The Brillstein fraud awareness training focuses on common fraud trends and criminal tactics, enhances internal awareness of corporate fraud, and on developing an overall anti-fraud culture in your company and provides the confidence to question irregularities and raise concerns, also known as whistle blowing.

Our strategic and practical training in fraud awareness, prevention and detection will help your staff avoid fraud. The training can be fully customized to the company's individual situation.
We will cover issues such as

Since fraud is a clear, present and imminent threat - you can be almost 100% certain that your company is already a target AND a victim - it is in the vital interest of every company to deal with this problem.


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