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High-end event security covering each and every aspects of security for business conferences or any kind of major event is one of the focus services of Brillstein Security. If you are looking for top-notch event security, we are the right partner for your business. Our event risk management service will help events organizers identify the threats and focus on risks that could disrupt an event or become a threat to the successful outcome of it, a threat to the persons attending the event or to your reputation. Brillstein can also take over the complete professional organization of the event. Main features are

  • crowd management
  • command and control
  • crisis planning
  • crisis management training, emergency response
  • risk assessments
  • on-site security
  • personal protection
  • safe transport with vehicles and/or aircraft
  • complete organization of the event, customized to the client's expectations and needs
  • complete search of premises for eaves-dropping, bombs or other threats
  • complete protection from eaves-dropping
  • vetting of attending persons

We recommend you start discussing the planning of your event with us in the earliest possible stage of the planning process. Our experienced staff will be at your disposal.



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