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Our anti-corruption experts work directly with our clients to implement the high moral and ethical standards in order to run a successful, profitable business even in highly corrupt environments. Corruption comes along in various disguises and is very common all over the world, NOT only in "third-world-countries" but also in the US or Europe. It is not simple to deal with this growing problem; if you blow the whistle, you'll get a pat on the back as an "honourable man" but you may very well be having a hard time getting certain business contracts ever again. On the other hand, if you simply kick back money, this may end in a never-ending and VERY expensive problem that can spiral out of control PLUS you may commit crimes, too... even in "third-world-countries" you may face situations where YOU may be officially be seen as the corrupt criminal and/or may get jammed up between the financial demands of corrupt officials, and if you stop kicking back money you'll lose business and could easily be blackmailed on top of all that. It happens EVERY DAY, all over the world. And IF you accuse government officials of corruption, you could even be in real personal danger.

Corruption is thus much more than just a financial problem. The catch 22 to this issue is that in order to receive certain business you may NEED to pay "baksheesh" to certain people. But before you start deciding on this whole problem you should seek counsel of experienced experts as this matter quickly may turn into a disaster if not handled right. Corruption is not only a financial matter but also an important security issue. Our expert staff will assist you to solve this problem professionally and in a way which will protect you and your business:

Anti-Corruption Concept

A clear-cut company anti-corruption policy is the first line of defence against any criminal and/or ethical malpractice. If you are known to take a strong stand against corruption, it is easier to resist demands for bribes, and you are less likely to receive them in the first place. This maintenance of company integrity however requires consistency in formal policy statements and management practices.
We will assist in identifying the key corruption issues, prepare your staff for criminal and ethical dilemmas they may face; and advise on management concepts in order to control and put into action an effective anti-corruption strategy which will have to take into account the current international anti-corruption laws.

Research and assessment

There may very well be instances in doing international business where you'll have to face the issue of corruption. You should consider this matter already in the pre-entry phase, supplier, client and partner vetting and due diligence, and it is an issue that should be regularly addressed when discussing corporate responsibility, but corruption is a complex and important issue that a specialist should handle. Your Corporate Intelligence officer must also kick in. Before you even attempt to do business abroad you must know

  • what you'll have to expect in the target country as regards corruption
  • who are your business partners, what is their true background, are they really in charge or are there "grey eminences" behind these persons/companies
  • who are the main officials in charge and what is their position as regards corruption
  • do your partners or clients have their own agenda, can you truly trust them, do you KNOW about these issues or are you just guessing and hoping it will be ok?
  • what are your competitors doing, how do they handle corruption issues?

How to find and employ the solution

Corruption is a complex situation and issue. It is of paramount importance that you know

  • if a government official is actually asking you for  a bribe and how to handle this situation
  • if competitors are kicking back money to this official and if so does it make sense to also pay a bribe
  • can this official be trusted? Will he step up to the plate after having taken the bribe? Is he known to ask for more money again and again?

Corruption is a very common thing a many countries around the world. In general, your company should choose the ethical way but in the real world, corruption may not always be avoidable and sometimes it is very hard to distinguish corruption from "fees", are gifts always corruption or is a gift just a gift? You must be certain of the facts in the environment you want to do business in and ascertain these facts way ahead of time.


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