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corporate security

Corporate security is a vast area of different types of services needed by just about any modern company. The staff guarding your entrance are just a tiny part of the whole concept. And even if your company has a functioning security system in place, you will still need outside experts because every security system must be tested, and since in-house staff will tend to be not too hard on their colleagues, maybe even try to cover up weaknesses or mistakes, it is extremely important to have outside experts run the tests.

The threats of today's world are manifold and range from theft and embezzlement by your own staff, robbery, customer theft, fraud, corporate intelligence and espionage, terrorism but there also are natural disasters, man-made disasters, accidents, workplace safety, kidnap, extortion and many more facets. There may be need for event security, close protection, crisis management, travel security, protection of premises and assets, data and IT security issues, investigations, deep security, due diligence, debtor management, risk assessment and THEN some.

You will need competent experts to train your staff, as awareness and personal safety is a key measure in order to prevent losses. Crime prevention thus is another vital area as is business continuance. The list gets longer and longer... There are only very few companies worldwide capable of offering you all these services and more first-hand. Brillstein is your one-stop security expert. The Brillstein Security Group has about 500 partner and daughter companies in about 50 countries. We offer you the whole range of top-notch security services you will ever need. Our 364/24/7 support service is at our clients' disposal to ensure that whatever the crisis will be, whenever and wherever - there's always a Brillstein elite security team on stand-by, we will assist in solving any security problem your company may face.


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