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Bail Bonds, Bail Enforcement Service, Fugitive Recovery

Brillstein Security's Bail Bond Service, bail enforcement and international as well as US nationwide fugitive recovery division offers worldwide location of fugitives, such as bail bond dodgers, debtors, criminals. Within the US, we specialize in high risk bonds for foreigners, contracts many other bail bond agents refuse to accept.  Fugitive Recovery also applies in cases such as debtors trying to hide from their creditors. A growing number of debtors are acting this way instead of paying their debts. Lawyers, courts and debt recovery firms are less and less successful to collect money from debtors, and a large number of debtors are simply con men, using credit fraud to obtain work-free money. These kind of debtors need to be located and addressed in certain ways to make them pay back their debts. 

We will

         investigate and locate the fugitive and use all legal means necessary to resolve the case on behalf of our clients

         we can use the vast Brillstein Security Group network in order to locate people and assets

         we'll investigate person, their lifestyle, their background, how they go about their business

         we'll negotiate on behalf of the client and protect him that way

         we offer cost-effective packages for clients with recurring problems in this sector, debtor management, factoring service

If you need any assistance or service as regards bail bond, fugitive recovery, debt collection or debtor management, please contact us any time.

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