You are looking for professional training on a security related sector? Search no more...
The BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP offers you some of the most professional training courses - in fact, some training and study courses you will exclusively find within our network! Not finding exactly the course you are looking for? Ask us - we'll inform you on all currently available courses:
The BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP offers you a range of private, corporate and professiopnal training and study course. Before you make a decision about your personal future, do contact us!

Private training
 If you are looking for the finest private security, self defense and self protection training,  we have just what you want. From basic Krav Maga (Israeli self defense) to complete programs on how to become your own "body guard" - BSG partner offer you exactly the right courses for modern life. Our "city survival courses" show you how to survive, how to protect yourself and your family and property, with unarmed and armed defense techniques as well as how to act and re-act properly, how to avoid being selected as a victim by criminals, how to prevent crime such as attacks against yourself or kidnap.
 Corporate training
 We train your security staff up to highest standards to make sure your team is fully capable to deal with the threats at hand. We also train your management staff and all key personnel on techniques on how to avoid being kidnapped and/or attacked. Our "Hostile Environment Training" will prepare frequent travelers or personnel being stationed abroad to anti-crime techniques. We also offer special courses on data protection, anti-fraud, risk assessment, crisis management and many more. We can shape special courses individually to your own needs. Our professional security experts are on stand-by!
 Professional training
 If you plan on working as a private security operator, maybe run your own security firm, you should take the best training available. BSG offers the finest professional courses the private market can offer. From "Professional investigator" to "Professional Security Manager", "Professional Protection Officer", "Professional Intelligence Officer", "Professional Air Security Officer" up to "Private Military Officer". The BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP is the right partner for you. Don't accept anything less.

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