Private sector, corporate security or private military - if any kind of threat exists against you, your family or your company: contact us today! The BSG is on stand-by to solve your problems.


You have a security problem? We have THE solution!
The following is just a selection of security services available from the BSG network - if you don't find what you are looking for, pls contact us any time! Each link below will open a new window:
Security Counsel - we assist our clients in solving their problems
Risk Assessment - professional assessment of the actual threat
Close Protection - high-level protection services
Anti/Counter Terror - countering the security threat by adequate means
Air Security - Airline security, travel security, Air Marshals
Marine Security - marine security, harbour security, private/corporate
Intelligence, Surveillance - you need to know? We'll find out...
Espionage - protection of your information and data
Investigations, Anti-Fraud - any kind of investigation, anywhere in the world                                                      Private Military Services
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The BSG partners provide for every important security service, worldwide. Whatever the need of a client may be, they will be able to find the needed service within the BSG network. Contact us any time, if you can't find the kind of service you are looking for or visit EUBSA BV Inc.

However, the BSG partners focus in general on the following core services:

  • security management, risk management, loss prevention
  • security audit, risk assessment, penetration tests
  • investigations - all kinds of investigation, private or corporate, civil or criminal, vetting, background checks, crime scene investigation, obtaining evidence, interviews, interrogation, finding lost person or debtors
  • surveillance - overt and covert surveillance operations of any kind, risk level and anywhere in the world
  • intelligence services - counter espionage, corporate intelligence, information service, data protection, obtaining information and all related sectors
  • protection services - close protection, guards, event security, corporate security, VIP protection, high-risk protection details and any related services
  • reposession of valuable objects or assets of any kind - in case of fraud, theft etc.
  • debtor management - finding and negotiating with debtors, worldwide
  • private military contractor - any kind of related service, protection, force protection
  • travel security management - making international travel secure, preparing trips, secure communications, crisis management, crisis planning, emergency extraction
  • security training
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