As a BSG licensed partner or representative your security company will instantly grow!
Not only will you benefit from our name and network. Not only will you get acess to training and knowledge that will help you do your job better. You will also find more clients - all over the world!
The Brillstein Group only cooperates with licensensed partners to insure high quality security and protection services

The BSG network is a global security network of high-quality security companies, at present about 500 in some 50 countries. The main goals of our network are

  1. create a seal of quality and safety - the Brillstein clients know that each BSG licensed has been quality and security checked and that they must follow highest standards and protocols
  2. act as support network for all BSG partners - many small to medium security companies cannot serve certain clients because of the large scope of a job or due to the high overhead expenses for international assignments or simply because the job is too big - BSG partners can count on a large net of equally highly skilled partner around the world
  3. create high internal security - "safety in numbers"... - the BSG network can provide backup on any scope, we can provide a shield of security for our partners, neither the principal, nor any target must know in every case who actually does the job (need to know)
  4. provide for  a large data source network - worldwide data, information and intelligence network - find information faster, at less costs and more accurate via the BSG network
  5. provide for top notch training - through continuous training each partner has the opportunity to enlarge their skill sets and thus take on more jobs and assignments
  6. find more clients - the BSG network create a large streams of clients worldwide, from private clients to medium and large corporate clients, all sectors of security. Most security companies wouldn't be able to get the kind of media and advertising exposure that the BSG gets. Via our network, each partner finds more clients and can take on more jobs, than on their own

If you'd like to join the BSG network, contact us any time to check if a license for your city or region is available and how to obtain such a licsense.

Central BSG partners

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EUBSA Germany

Brillstein Security Consultancy, Germany - Corporate Security

Brillstein Security Group Germany

Brillstein Security Training Academy


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