Beat the crisis! Only few other markets are constantly growing as the security market does! If you are planning to make an investment, you should consider this prospering market. BSG offers you a ROI with yields that are not only amazing but also very secure. Before investing anywhere, ask us for the current options BSG can offer you:


The BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP is on the rise -  our network is growing almost daily. With the security market booming and the outlook that this will continue for many years to come, there is hardly any other investment option as promising and secure, as the one we can offer you!

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14,3% net dividend for EUBSA investors in 2008! He have beaten the crisis!

Ever since 9/11, the security market experienced a massive boom due to the new threats. But it was not only the Gulf crisis, 9/11 and other terrorist threats alone that caused this growth. Fall of the "wall", globalization and the fierce competition in all kinds of businesses which includes industrial espionage and the general rise of crime, esp. the so-called "white collar crime" has brought about a considerable growth in turn-around and profits of the BSG. The new challenges, very drastic in the protective services sector, training and private military, has given the BSG excellent opportunities to expand and at the same time provided for extremely lucrative dividends for our investors.

The net benefit of the BSG has constantly and significantly grown each year - from 2005 until end of 2008, we have achieved about 60% raise in net benefit. That's an average of 15% return of investment per year.  Where else do you find this kind of development, with an almost 100% guarantee of further growth over the coming decade? The security industry will continue to grow, the international security situation warrants it and will provide further market growth.

What's best - an investment into the BSG is extremely secure! We have beaten the recent crisis because we have continued to follow our own successful guidelines. There is, of course, no investment without some sort of risk, granted, but investing into the BSG is very secure because

  • The market development shows that further growth or at the very least a stable situation may be expected - more and more governments and companies outsource security to private companies; crime is on the rise, terrorism will force almost every company to invest into security, travel security will be a very important issue, professional, corporate and private training will gain massive growth. Thus, BSG will experience further growth of business and net benefit. The BSG uses financial and administrative concepts to legally reduce taxes and maximising profits. The BSG constantly develops new concepts in security services to add new angles to our business each year.
  • The BSG exclusively invests into its own infrastructure unlike certain trusts and other kinds of investment vehicles, we do not "gamble" with our investors' money and we never risk the capital, at all, ever! We ONLY invest into our own company structure; we ONLY use the capital to do what we really know best, the security business. By acting in this way, we make sure that the BSG will continue to grow, will reach more clients, will be able to react faster, at more locations, train more people worldwide and open up more training locations and branch offices in order to cover more and more cities worldwide.
  • We NEVER gamble the capital of our investors! - The reason why so many banks and companies lost money in the recent crisis was that they invested in projects they actually had no clue about and had no control over. We NEVER act in such an irresponsible way. We use the investor's capital EXCLUSIVELY to further our own business. We've been in business ever since the mid 1980's. We KNOW our business and we have constantly grown ever since the beginning. That's why we can very precisely project the business for the upcoming year. And that's why we can guarantee a minimum Return of Investment of 8.5% p.a. to our investors for 2009. That's almost double the average current dividend offer you'll find on the financial market. We further limit the risk by limiting the number of investors we accept and the total amount of money each investor can invest. This is to prevent any buy-out or sabotage attempt and any undue or unwanted influence on our core business by outside investors. Minimum amount of investment is 5,000 USD, maximum amount is 250,000 USD. Minimum period of investment is 2 year, with a maximum of 5 years. Our investors are "silent investors" which means they cannot be made responsible for business losses and they do not participate directly in our business. The upside is: your capital and your minimum dividend per year are guaranteed. This, again, means: the minimum dividend of 8.5% per year is NOT a mere projection, it's a guarantee!
  • We do not charge hidden fees of any kind - we will NOT charge any fees for handling your investment, hidden or open. Period.
  • The TOTAL dividend projection for 2009 is 12.5% per annum - this means we guarantee 8.5% dividend and we EXPECT and PROJECT a further 4% dividend for 2009, the latter however is not guaranteed. Recession will influence us, too, to some extend, since less companies will be in business and we expect a drop in general business of about 10%. On the other hand, we will significantly expand our business in Africa (e.g. see this page), for instance the 2010 Soccer world championship, the need  and demand for more training has risen sharply. We do NOT expect any significant bump in the road for BSG. In 2008, even with the crisis, we still achieved a dividend of over 14% for our investors! Not a single cent was lost for our investors.

 If you are further interested in investing in the BSG:

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