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The BSG network consists of about 500 licensed partners worldwide. These partners are highly qualified security companies offering top notch security services.

The BSG exerts strict quality control over all licensed partners to insure highest standards. All partners must pass a security and quality test. This test is one of the highest such tests in the security industry and surpasses BY FAR any official requirement for security licenses.

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The licensed BSG partner companies benefit from a range of advantages once they join up:
  •  the BSG license acts as a quality seal - since each member must pass the quality and security test
  • as licensed BSG partner, the partner will receive an stream of new clients and assignments via the BSG network
  • licensed BSG partner benefit from access to otherwise hard-to-get training and workshops at reduced fees via the Brillstein Academy
  • this way, each l licensed BSG partner will have the opportunity to add more areas of activity to their current field of activity by acquiring a broadened skill set
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