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If you are looking for professional close protection, private or corporate security or private military services, EUBSA BV Inc. is the no. 1 place to go for you.  Our main partner for these kinds of services...

Paladin Intelligence and Information Service
Specializing in private, corporate and/or military intelligence, data protection, IT security and all related services.

Brillstein Security Services - Germany
(German language)
Our main German licsensed representative's web site

Private Military Services
EUBSA BV Inc. is our main and prime service in regards to private military services. The EUBSA ERT and STOP teams are on stand-by to help solve our clients' problems any time, any where in the world.

Professional security training
EUBSA BV Inc. provides high-level security training, for professional close protection, intelligence, private military, and security management - or for personal protection. EUBSA will train individuals or corporate personnel.

Kidnap for Ransom - a growing problem

You undoubtedly have already heard about the growing problem of kidnap for ransom, hostage-taking, blackmailing and similar security issues. In more and more countries, problems like these pose a very real threat to travellers, corporate and tourists alike.

The BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP offers professional training courses which help you to counter these threats. You CAN learn how to avoid becoming a victim; you CAN learn how to be a survivor! Professional security experts will show you how - book 3-5 day course now.

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Are you a professional security operator, running your own small to medium security company? Joining the BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP can make a big difference for you!

For you to join BSG, you will need to acquire a BSG license, which includes a detailed security check on you, your company and your employees. In order to insure a high level of quality to our clients (which in fact will then also be YOUR clients as regards your country, region), we need to make sure that your company fits our profile. The BSG license is your quality certificate.

Being a member of BSG, you will get access to training, data bases and a stream of clients from all over the world. We do NOT cooperate with sub-contractors. We exclusively cooperate with licensed partners and representatives.

If you might be interested in obtaining a BSG license, please contact our main US office at any time for further information.

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